Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Design: Objects of Lust - Something Old and Something New

There's good design and bad design from every era. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

First up: Armadillo Bread Bin

This is the most fantastic looking bread bin I have ever laid eyes on. It's for the bread you plan to make in the future. Certainly not today's. This little beauty is available online from a few UK sites, and yes, it's a bit pricey: £67.40 (£56.17 excl. VAT) but don't you think it's worth it? Just LOOK at it. Sex-y. It's made of beech wood and brushed aluminum. Dimensions are  44 x 28 x 30 cm (17.5 x 11 x 12 inches).

By the way, the exchange rate of Canadian Dollars against British Pounds Stirling is the best its been in quite some time. At time of posting, 1 Pound Stirling is 1.56 Canadian, which makes the bread bin $87 + delivery. Take a look in your local stores and see what they try to peddle you. Bad design, or worse in my books, ORDINARY design. Bad design goes away because it doesn't work. Ordinary design people put up with.

Next: For those who feel "to the Manor born" - Haddonstone

Haddonstone is a company that started (I believe) out of a need to restore mansions, manors and the like in the UK. To the general public they offer cast stone (composite) ornaments as well as some in other materials. I LOVE their outdoor urns. I've grabbed just a couple pictures from their site. You have to go to see what they do. It's amazing. They even tell you where the design comes from. "My urn is an exact replica of one at Snottington Hall. It was designed in 1743 by Sir Charles Uppercrust. What about yours?" That sounded a bit Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced boo-kay), didn't it? Seriously.

House of Dun Urn
Fish-scale and Reed Jardinere

They do exterior architectural entries, window surrounds, indoor fireplaces, urns, etc.

Go and see. They also do contemporary designs. I've known about them for several years, and in that time they have established two US locations, so shipping wouldn't be quite as bad as across the ocean from England. But of course, like everything in life you get what you pay for (that's code for they ain't cheap).

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