Friday, January 7, 2011

Gardening: Plant Identification

Hibiscus esculentus, aka Okra! Photo: dinesh_valke, Flickr ccl
Beautiful flower, isn't it. Kind of looks like a hibiscus or something similar. So what is it? You'll be surprised. Well it is a hibiscus, but it's also okra!

The Thompson & Morgan catalogue came in the mail recently and besides flowers, trees, etc., they also sell vegetables.

So I'm going to be trying some Red Burgundy Okra. I believe that LakeLand Plant World in Dartmouth sells their seeds so I'll look there first.

Photo: monkeybutt1969, Flickr ccl
I purchased some Lysimachia Atropurpurea seeds in the fall from their site (hence receiving the catalogue in the mail) and the shipping was twice as much as the seed packet.

Directly from the T&M site, about the Red Burgundy Okra: "Striking burgundy red stems, branches and leaf midribs with a crop of delicious, 6-8in long tender red pods which turn a deeper green color when cooked. Bushy plants will reach 4ft tall, looking spectacular graced by beautiful hibiscus flowers. 85 days."

We will probably grow grow it in the flower border, or at least attempt to...

Here's a couple more pictures of hibiscus/okra. Should be interesting to try!
Photo: Bob Richmond, Flickr ccl
Photo: MGShelton, Flickr ccl

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