Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Design: Objects of Lust 4 - a little bit of Versailles

Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck, for Kartell

Louis Ghost Chair in crystal

Sometimes rational thought goes out the window when you see something and you just want it because of what it looks like. Much like that first person you fell in love with. I just WANT this, and have for some time.

Barbie!! Sacrilege.
First introduced in 2002 this chair is a take on a classic design from the 18th century but produced in contemporary materials. An instant modern/traditional classic. Made of polycarbonate, Louis Ghost is available in opaque black, opaque white and 6 transparent colours: crystal; smoke; crystal green; sunset orange; yellow; and ice blue. Not to lack variety, it also comes in chinese checker, bear mask (?) and Barbie (also in child size for your spoiled spawn). Barbie!! 

You can also customize it to your heart's content if you order 50 or more. By the way, 50—unless there's a volume discount— will set you back $20,500. Singly, they are available at $410.

They are cast in a single piece mould, are perfect for both interior and exterior, and are simple to clean with a wipe. They are supposed to be shock and scratch resistant as well. From personal experience I know this is not the case. I once knew an interior designer who was taking one to a client in their car, but I'll say no more about that…

It has a companion in the Victoria Ghost, sans arms. A small side table is also available. If anyone wants to buy me a set of eight, leave a comment and I promise I'll respond. Two Louis and six Victorias, please.

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