Thursday, January 20, 2011

Design: Those crazy Japanese and their pop culture

File Under "Just when I thought I had seen it all..."

So earlier this evening I was looking for a sewing machine that allowed for an easier time to hem pants than my current hand me down. Lo and behold, the following popped up. It's not particularly cheap either. The lowest on ebay was just under $300. At first I laughed, but now I think I may be in love. Can you imagine—an adult-sized Hello Kitty sewing machine. Well I never...

This is directly taken from I take no credit for it, or the accuracy of the informtion. 

"Hello Kitty as a First Sewing Machine or Second for Experienced Sewers

If you are considering a sewing machine to teach your child or grandchild to sew on—Hello Kitty might be a good choice for you. This model, the 11706, is a ¾ size sewing machine. There is another Janome Hello Kitty that is ½ size. That sewing machine, model 11702, is NOT being reviewed in this article. The Janome 11702 sewing machine is more like a toy than the 11706.
Here are some reasons that owners like this Janome sewing machine (model 11706):

  • Size - not too big and not too small, the Hello Kitty weighs in at just 12 pounds. It is totally portable and can be easily taken to classes or quilting groups. Many owners use it for smaller projects at home, instead of dragging out their heavier sewing machine.
  • Features - This Hello Kitty Janome Sewing Machine is a real sewing machine, not a toy. As such, it has features like:
    • a built-in 4 step bartack buttonholer
    • 6 built-in stitches
    • reverse stitching
    • a 4-point feed-dog system to keep fabric feeding straight
    • a free-arm design for sewing hard-to-reach areas
    • a handle for moving it easily from room to room
    • a snap-on foot system.
    Pretty nice for a beginner sewing machine or a machine for travel!
  • Quiet and smooth - Owners love the smooth, almost noiseless operation on so small and simple a machine.
  • Heavy duty construction - Made to last. Since the machine is constructed well, you can travel with it and not be concerned that it will fall apart.
  • Built-in light and on/off switch - The blue Hello Kitty (model 11702) does not have these features.
  • Instruction book - has clear, step by step instructions. Great for beginners.
  • Cute - I don't want to de-emphasize this. Reviewers just love sewing on this machine. Working with a fun design on the machine makes sewing more fun!

As you can see, the Hello Kitty Janome Sewing Machine is more than a children's sewing machine or a first sewing machine. Many experienced sewers choose to get one for craft projects, scrapbooking or for simple projects that don't require their more complicated sewing machines. If you are considering a gift for a sewer or a sewer-to be, make sure you don't overlook the Janome Hello Kitty 11706."

You too can "sew pretty with Hello Kitty", indeed.

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