Saturday, February 5, 2011

Culture: ...and he didn't do one funny walk

I was slightly less confused after watching this.

In 2004, John Cleese hosted a documentary called "Wine for the Confused". You might assume with Mr. Cleese as host it would be a comedy, but actually it's light-hearted as opposed to farcical. Of course, because of his wry wit there are lots of comedic moments.

One section discusses the essential grape varieties, another traces wine making, and another is a discussion of wine tasting terminology. Of interest to me was some of the results of the wine tasting segment, in particular how preconceived notions have bearing on what we think is "good" wine, or not—and even white wine or red.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to see before your next trip to the corner wine store.

It has appeared on the Food Network periodically since 2004, and is now available on DVD.

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