Monday, May 6, 2013

Where to go: Spencer’s Garden Centre

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. – Galileo Galilei 

12' Chinese Silver Grass. Photo: Wiki CC
Chinese Silver Grass
Anise Hyssop
Dwarf Cherry "Juliet"
Dicentra “Gold Heart”
Gentiana Cruciata
Corydalis Blue
Dioicus “Goat’s Beard”

What do all of these plants have in common, other than ending up in the back of our truck yesterday? Well, two things actually, many are not common and they’re all available at Shelburne’s Spencer’s Garden Centre.

A few days ago I posted wondering where I could find a rare Dicentra (Bleeding Heart Gold Heart). A friend helpfully suggested Spencer’s. Actually she did more than that – she stopped and looked, and then found out for us when they would be open.

Shelburne may not be on everyone’s list of where to go for plants, but if you check them out online you may change your mind.

I live in the South Shore and it’s still one hour’s drive. So if you’re coming from Halifax area you’re in for 2 hours both directions. Just go along the 103 Highway and take a left at Exit 26. You can’t miss it.

Yesterday was a perfect day for a drive.

We had one of these in the city too – corydalis. Photo: Wiki CC
The first two things we saw when we parked was what we think is a "cinnamon" birch (very unusual) and two extremely large Hellebores. Inside the specialness continued. Too much to remember, but one that stuck was the wild ginger. I should have bought it.

A couple more oddities – catalpa and golden rain trees – are on their site. I have written about both of those in previous posts.

A few prices are more than what you would pay elsewhere (but often they are larger plants), but many are at par or lower. If you can even get them elsewhere.

They have many fruit and vegetable plants too. We picked up a very large black currant for $19.99. It's already set to bloom.

If you hunt around you’ll see what makes this place so special. They have many unusual plants that are not commonly available at your standard plant centres. If you want something cheap and cheerful to last a season go to WalMart. If you're serious about your gardening, go to Spencer's.

Goat's beard. Photo: Wiki CC.
I do have to say there seems to be far more on their website than was in their yard, but I believe they just opened. So if you’re making the journey for something in particular perhaps you should call ahead, just to be sure.

Or take a chance – and a nice drive – that you’ll find something worth the trip. I bet you will.

They’re definitely on my list. Of course, now we have gardening to do...

Spencer’s Garden Centre
5 Ohio Road, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, B0T 1W0
Tel: 1-877-870-3055 | 902-875-3055 | Fax: 902-875-3023


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