Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We’re Moving

Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is. – Jimmy Carter 

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We’re moving, come the end of this month. It’s a big move too.

I’m not talking about a move across town or a few miles away. I’m talking a full on, drag down, pack-em-up and head-to-the-country move. The house has been sold and ownership transfers on March 6. So we're gone by that date.

So what does it impact? Well just about everything.
I have resigned my job as Senior Art Director at Colour. 

As you can imagine, this is a big step, and one not without risk. We’re both scared to death about what the future may hold. I’ve been house poor for far too long. Happiness is a voyage – not a destination. It's time to live each day happily, not wait for it to come "later."

If there ever was a time where we could look for happiness this is it. We will have a little financial comfort to be able to do just that. The sale of the house will reset both of our financial situations to zero with a little left over.

I have been at my current employment for the last 17 years. That’s a long time. I started as a freelancer at the CCL Group design company, ArtWorks, in May 1995 after working for a wonderful small company called Next Step Graphics. By July 4, I was hired full time. I’ve seen a lot of change over that decade and a half. 

I have worked with (and for) some fantastic folks. I could name names, but that wouldn’t be fair. You know who you are. Keep in touch.

Besides financial stability, CCL Group also brought some creative opportunities I never would have had otherwise. Over the years I have worked closely with Symphony Nova Scotia, Neptune Theatre, United Way, IWK Health Centre, Irving, Junior Achievement, Stewart McKelvey, Tourism Nova Scotia, NSLC, Bell Aliant, Highliner... 

If they were a large organization, CCL Group had their contract at one time or another. It was a lot of fun. But the time has come.

Where are we going? 
To Queens County, Nova Scotia. To Greenfield. 

Greenfield is the village where I grew up. It’s located at the foot of scenic Ponoque Lake. In the winter the population is about 200. In summer it balloons to at least 5,000 when “cabin folk” populate the system of lakes connected to the village.

We have two gas stations and connected stores, a school, church, gym, regional library (named after my mother), fire department and liquor store outlet. Not bad for a small village.

Now I know that you can never go home again. And it’s true. I don’t expect it. The people who made the village what I remember are mostly passed away. What I do expect is a better, simpler life where we can get closer to the land and do things out of want, not need.

We have good friends there. They love us and we love them. And we’re not that far away from “Capital City” and our city friends. We’ll be in to Halifax lots and lots – and there will always be a bed with fresh linens set up for unexpected guests at our little house with the holly hedge.

Our door, as our hearts, will always be open.

This move doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up my two creative passions: graphic design and my blog. In fact I expect that both will be enriched by the experience.

I want to put advertising on this blog (see top right graphic, in case you know anyone who might want to...). I have quite a following and want to be able to make what takes a few hours every day start to pay for itself. Don’t worry, they won’t be obtrusive. And I won't curb my tongue because of them.

I’ll also be contacting people I know on the South Shore to try and scare up some design work. I’m really good at what I do, and have work samples to prove it...

It should be an interesting next chapter. I hope you stay along with me for the ride.

It’ll be a blast! I hope to be picking a lot of fruit. Wish us luck.

Note to all my local friends:
We have a lot of furniture to shift  because we're downsizing – both from in here and in the country. If anyone wants to have a peek to see if there's anything they might like contact me. I'll be in the country this weekend.


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